Mushroom Dreams Art Gallery

Created by exploring a variety of software and methods, trying to perfect the vexel alchemy of translating onto the screen what I see inside my head.

The Artist: “Raising the vibes through art – is this actually possible or just some new age wishful thinking? I strongly believe raising the vibrations through visual art can be achieved the same way it can be achieved through music. After all, light and sound are both electromagnetic waves, just at different wavelengths. In cymatics, which is the science of visualizing audio frequencies, soundwaves create amazing geometric patterns. Japanese photographer Masaru Emoto took pictures of water crystals after exposing them to different kinds of emotions. The crystals that were exposed to harmonious and loving emotions produces beautiful symmetrical shapes, whereas crystals that were subject to hate and aggression formed very chaotic and unharmonic shapes. Vice versa, exposing people to visuals that create positive emotion within them, should produce an equally positive vibrational frequency which will influence their surroundings.”