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Get the Tree of Life artwork and other designs on all-over printed leggings.


Acquire Mushroom Dreams artwork on low and high top canvas shoes.



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Latest Artwork – The Reminder

Beautiful but sad humanoid girl in a futuristic sci fi environment get’s reminded by lonely flower that going back to enjoying simple pleasures is the best cure for depression

I Am What I Think

I Am What I Think

Beautiful girl lost in thoughts, realizing that she creates her life with her perception and beliefs. We become what we constantly think of, willingly or not.

Click on the image to see how it looks like on electronic devices, apparel, canvas, and even printed on metal.

Cosmic Luminescence


Cosmic Luminescence

Radiant and luminescent jellyfish that’s part underwater and part in space. This is a highly vibrant and detailed digital painting, full of textures, geometry, and surrealistic accents.

Click on the image to see how it looks like on electronic devices, apparel, canvas, and even printed on metal.

Calling The Spirit Animals


Calling the Spirit Animals

This piece pays tribute to the Native American culture and shows my appreciation and love for the deep connection of American Indians to Nature and the animal world. Spirit animal or totems are meant to be a representation of the traits and skills that you are supposed to learn or have.



Serenade To The Universe

Serenade To The Universe

‘Mad’ and ‘Eerily beautiful’ are some of the comments that this artwork received. It was created with help of a large Wacom tablet and at least 4 different softwares, and could also be described as a celebration of randomness. Serenade to the Universe is a brave mashup of genres, producing a strange concoction of surreal-visionary-steam-pop, surprisingly not clashing but actually complementing each other.

Cultivate your inner weirdo, it’s just your creativity having fun.


Click on the picture to see how the image works on canvas, phone cases, rugs, and more.

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