Sea Unicorn

SEA UNICORN – 20 x 31 inches

Mushroom Dreams Hitomi

HITOMI – Japanese girls name but also means ‘pupil of the eye’. 24 x 18 inches

Mushroom Dreams Haruki

HARUKI – Japanese girls name but also means ‘springtime tree’. 24 x 36 inches

Mushroom Dreams Ayaka

AYAKA – Japanese girls name but also means ‘colorful flower’. 36 x 24 inches

Mushroom Dreams Mizuki

MIZUKI – Japanese girls name but also means ‘beautiful moon’. 18 x 24 inches

Back Atcha

BACK ATCHA – The animals are taking back the planet. 72 x 24 inches

Back Atcha Detail



SHEOPLE 15 x 20 inches

Geemo Flyrus

GEEMO – Flyrus 15 x 20 inches

Geemo Crabbaroo

GEEMO – Crabbaroo 11 x 21 inches

Free Speech

FREE SPEECH 20 x 30 inches

Alpha3 Combat Bot

ALPHA3 COMBAT BOT 24 x 18 inches

Random Acts of Peace

RANDOM ACTS OF PEACE 20 x 25 inches


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