Ralf Schuetz received his education in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he graduated from graphic design school with a major in typography and a minor in textile design. After working in type houses, ad agencies and design firms in Germany, Miami and Colorado, getting into the arts just seemed to be a natural progression, allowing him to use his visual communication skills to stimulate emotions and to encourage a reevaluation of the path our society is stumbling down.

Ralf’s design portfolio exhibits the exploration of an array of media and is in a state of constant evolution, showing a wide range of styles. This is particularly interesting for companies that don’t want to paint themselves into a corner by adhering only to one specific look. Services include but are not limited to graphic design, digital illustration, web design (wordpress), branding and promotion.
With a focus on craftsmanship and big love for detail Ralf sees his roll as ambassador of change in an age of transformation. The universe is holistic, it doesn’t know borders and categories and that’s why he takes a holistic approach to design as well. Every project needs to be seen with an open mind not only for his clients’ needs and their clients’ wants, but also for the roll it plays in the big picture, and the impact it has on our resources and environment. Nowadays education and consultation is as much part of a designer’s job as creating pretty pictures.

It used to be challenging to me to find a healthy balance between creating entertaining eye candy and fulfilling the artist’s obligation of sending out meaningful messages, by rubbing into the audience faces that humanity is doomed if we don’t choose compassion over profit. Now that mainstream is finally waking up a little I find it more important to take the next step and offer guidance to healing ourselves and the planet. Learning about the true nature of the universe and our connection with each other and all life leads to the conclusion that going back to ‘childish’ dreaming is a vital part of the essential shift. I want to motivate people to dream, to stimulate their senses and childhood memories so that they find fulfillment again in simple pleasures, to connect with nature and their creative power, which is rooted inside all of us. We can unlock those powers when we still ourselves and get rid of any kind of judgement – about other people, about situations, and most of all about our perceived limitations.

Is this actually possible or just some new age wishful thinking? I strongly believe raising the vibrations through visual art can be achieved the same way it can be achieved through music. After all, light and sound are both electromagnetic waves, just at different wavelengths. In cymatics, which is the science of visualizing audio frequencies, soundwaves create amazing geometric patterns. Japanese photographer Masaru Emoto took pictures of water crystals after exposing them to different kinds of emotions. The crystals that were exposed to harmonious and loving emotions produces beautiful symmetrical shapes, whereas crystals that were subject to hate and aggression formed very chaotic and unharmonic shapes. Vice versa, exposing people to visuals that create positive emotion within them, should produce an equally positive vibrational frequency which will influence their surroundings.”



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